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Roman Ravve

Dear Nardo,

The most comprehensive database of the repression victims is
(, it includes the data >from the database of the
victims Files stored in
It is in Russian, of cource.

There is the database for Ukraine: ( - in
Ukrainian. There are more name lists for Ukraine, published in
separate PDFs.

However, all mentioned above is not holistic - it may not contain the
data about the place of the actual File storage. It may not contain
the name at all, and you have to contact the States Security Service
Archives directly (just recently I have such experience with Ukraine -
eventually it turned out that the File is stored in public archive).
This is the common situation with the people arrested in Harbin, also.

If anyone needs the help with the database checking - I would be glad to help!

Roman Ravve
Kiev, Ukraine

POZNANSKY (Kamenetz-Podolsky, Kiev)
TREBUKOV (Gomel, Kharkov, Leningrad)
GUTMAN (Mozyr, Skrygalovka, Kiev)
RAVVE (Ananiev, Hashevate, Harbin)
NERUBAY (Fastov, Andrushevka)

Nardo Bonomi <nbonomi@...> wrote:

Please share with the list those online databases and name lists.

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