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Traude Triebel

Dear All,

Eisenstadt/ Kismarton - the centre of the Jewish world in the 19th century ... we
have finished the project "Eisenstadt's younger Jewish cemetery"! All 287
gravestones with its Hebrew inscriptions are online: photos, transcriptions,
translations, commentaries on the Hebrew inscriptions and, of particular
importance, detailed genealogical annotations. At the center of attention are the
Wolf family, the Spitzer family, the Breier family, the Machlup family and, mainly,
the Reitlinger family; especially with regard to the Reitlinger family the Hebrew
grave inscription allowed for all new genealogical perspectives. As with
Eisenstadt's older Jewish cemetery (2015) the younger Jewish cemetery is still
considered a "work in progress". During the next few months both cemeteries will be
updated with genealogical information and data >from the communal death entries
("Matriken") as well as an index of those who have died in Eisenstadt (between 1679
and 1938) but whose gravestones are missing.

Johannes Reiss
Traude Triebel

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