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The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has received a copy of the List
of Individual Victims of Jasenovac Concentration Camp >from the Jasenovac
Memorial. The list contains biographical information on 83,837 victims,
including name and surname, father's name, place, district and date of
birth, ethnic affiliation and how the person died, year and place of death,
as well as camp or execution site where the individual was killed. Also
included is Information about the sources of information which were used, as
well as conflicting data >from different sources for each victim.

The 83,837 names have been added to the Holocaust Survivors and Victims
Database (HSV) and can be searched and viewed at . A printed
copy of the record for each person in the database may be ordered >from the
Jasenovac Memorial.

Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

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