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Celia Haupt


My grandmother's autograph book has got 2 inscriptions that mention
places that I do not know and I would certainly appreciate any
suggestions on where these could be.

One is possibly "Shtotzy" (she was there February 2, 1935) and can be
found on Viewmate at

The other is "Makov" (she was there January 31, 1935) and is on

Jewishgen has 5 possibilities - all 500km+ >from her home shtetl.

She would have travelled >from Motol 52 19 N 25 36 E (220 km SW of
Minsk), now in Belarus, then in Poland. She travelled by train
according to one of the above inscriptions.

Celia Haupt

Researching ARENBERG (Israel), FRANK (Seredzius, Surviliskis,
Lithuania; South Africa), GORDON (Lithuania), GUTENSKY (Poland),
KRUGER (Krakanova), LEVANISKY (Lithuania), SHAPIRO (Kovna, Lithuania;
Israel), SIMANOVSKI (Motol, Poland), STRELITZ (Vilkomir, Kedainiai,
Kovno, Lithuania), TRAUB (Lithuania), WARSHAVSKI (Poland?),
YERUZALIMSKI (Brezna?, Lithuania), YUDIS (Lithuania)

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