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Paul Zoss's research found several family towns of birth in "Russia" for his
Zoss/Sass family but was at a dead end trying to find where his ancestors
came >from and what his original surname was, saying "That's all I know. Does
anyone have any suggestions on where to go >from here?"
You certainly have lots of family ancestral town clues that may all be in
Podolia: Tulchyn, Tomashpil, Padalia, Kozyatyn, Demkorf, Dempkofka,
Kozyatyn, Ladyzhyn, Trostenetz

Begin with JewishGen Jewish Communities Tree
Pre-WWI - Russian Empire - Podolia Province and look at the towns under each
of the 12 Districts. For example, under Batslav District is the town Trostyanets
(now Trostianets, Ukraine).

Click on each relevant town to look at its Locality Page for a list of
selected Nearby Jewish Communities within 30 miles. For example, for
Trostianets, Ukraine, Ladyzhyn is 11 miles NNE and Tulchin is 18 miles NW.

Search also by radius for all towns within 30 miles of a known town's coordinates
or limit the radius search to all towns beginning with a certain letter.
JewishGen Radius Search < >

Search also by distance and direction >from a known town's coordinates.
JewishGen Gazetteer < >

Consult Dr. Alexander Beider's "A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames >from the
Russian Empire, Revised Edition" published by Avotaynu and available in
libraries for etymology/origin and places where surnames were found.
The Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex Code for ZOSS and SASS is 440000. See DJSRE2
Volume 2 for surname spelling variants with DM code 440000 found by Beider.
< >

Good luck!
Bette Stoop Mas

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