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Dear Gen-ers,

My grandfather, Mendel Lieb RASKIN (son of Shmuel) arrived in New York in 1910.
Later, the same year, his wife Faige (nee URIN), their firstborn son Samuel, and my
grandfather's brother Rachmael (Raymond) joined him in New York. All of their
arrival manifests have them coming >from Polotsk, Vitebsk (now in Belarus) and all
with the same surname, RASKIN. Between 1912 and 1915 they moved to Toronto,
Ontario, Canada, and in that timeframe they changed the name to REIKEN (pronounced
Ray-kin).Rachmael/Raymond's wedding certificate records his (and presumably my
grandfather's) mother as Mollie NAYSTADT (unfortunately, this entry is hard to

My research has revealed a cousin, Mary FELDMAN (>from Polotsk) who lived with her
husband Solomon and their children in Buffalo, NY. Her death certificate names her
father as Louis RASKIN. Another cousin (as confirmed by her last surviving
daughter) was Zelda/Jenny ZLOTKIN/ZLATKIN (nee: GUTKIN or GOOTKIN), >from Polotsk,
who married Hillel/Harry ZLOTKIN. The couple lived in Toronto. Another cousin, A.
ZAGER, was named as my grandfather's New York contact on his arrival manifest.
There may have been still another cousin, S. Zalman GUTKIN, >from Polotsk, who
arrived in Baltimore in 1913 and named the Buffalo, New York FELDMAN's (above) as
his contact on his arrival manifest. Thus far, I have been unsuccessful in
determining how any of these 'cousins' may be have been related to my grandfather,
my great-grandparents, or even to each other.

I have had the good fortune in locating my grandmother's family, URIN/ARON who
lived in Bobruisk, Belarus.As these two towns are 315 km (190 miles) apart, I
suspect, my grandparents may have been introduced by relatives living in either
Bobruisk or Polotsk. The Bobriusk SIG records have not yet offered any insight, and
the few Polotsk records which are currently online, or which have been identified
by a private researcher, offer no tangible leads to my grandfather=92s family.

Through this post, I am hoping to locate others connected to any of the families,
Polotsk or Bobruisk. If so, or if you can offer any suggestions for other research
sources, I welcome hearing >from you at:

Thanking you in advance,
Leslie Gut-Reiken, Zurich, Switzerland

(all >from Polotsk or Bobruisk, Belarus), SALAMANSKY, SOLOMIANSKY, WIENER,
LITOWITZ (all >from Lida, Belarus or Eisiskes, Lithuania)

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