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Avrohom Krauss

Sheldon Dan <> wrote:

<I am looking for any connection between two branches of a family tree I have
been researching.

My wife's grandmother was Gussie DINNERSTEIN (1892-1968), who was born in Vilna
(Vilnius), Lithuania�.

The Avrum Yaakov Dinnerstein family apparently originated in Ilya, Lithuania
(later in Poland and now in Belarus). I think that Ilya was somewhat close to
Vilna, so it is possible that the two families were in the same general region.>

'Ilya, Lithuania' is today Ilya, Belarus. It was formerly located in Vilna
Gubernia (province) in the Russian Empire. Consider "born in Vilna" -is a
reference to Vilna Gubernia-not the city of Vilna. The Dinnerstein family was
indeed >from Ilya and surrounding villages. My ROGOZIN (ROGOSIN) family >from
nearby Vyazyn (and Ilya) married members of the DINNERSTEIN family.

Avrohom Krauss
Tell-Stone Israel

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