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Becker, Risa (GfK) <Risa.Becker@...>

My family immigrated to the U.S. >from Austria-Hungary, the subcarpathia region.
I've found at least three instances (once in 1904 and twice in 1920) where it
appeared that a relative came over using another relative's name.

Twice, relatives appeared to come using a brother's name.. the brothers never

Once, a relative appeared to use a cousin's name. Again, the cousin did not

Once in the U.S., all three relatives found a way to "switch back".. changing
names >from Adolph to Charles, Israel to Adolph and Bernard to Max.

Was this a common occurrence and was there a specific reason why someone might
do this? Draft avoidance? Unused ticket?

Thanks, genners, for any help on this one!

Risa Becker

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