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Judith Singer

I'm starting to feel I should be getting an endorsement fee for
recommending the JewishGen Given Name Database so often (I'm kidding,
JewishGen, no worries).

According to the JewishGen Given Name Database at, Shlomo is a
Hebrew name. Schloime (or several other possible spellings) is the
Yiddish version.

Schloime might well have used the patronymic along with his Yiddish
name and his surname because he was most likely known within the
Jewish community as Schloime ben Zindel. Surnames were required by the
Russian government but many Jews used them only rarely, when dealing
with Russian officials, for example. On an everyday basis, Schloime
would have used his Yiddish name and not his Hebrew name, which was
mostly reserved for Jewish legal purposes and solemn events such as
the birth records of his sons, his ketubah, and his being called up to
the Torah.

Judith Singer

From: Sharon Korn <mssrkorn@...>
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2017 21:58:29 +0000

A relative who lived in Russia in the early twentieth century was
referred to as both Schloime and Shlomo. These appear to be the same
name. Schloime is Yiddish. Is Shlomo Hebrew or Yiddish?

Schloime later used the name Solomon, followed by the patronymic
Zindelevich and his surname. Would he have used the patronymic with
his Yiddish name?

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