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mike yesnes

Dear JDG,

Received >from the Vinnitsa Archives a copy >from a Metric Book for city
of Vinnitsa with my 2x greatgrandfather's name of Hayin Ahron Shlemovich
Yasnis.The last name in Russian letters was RcHNC{R & N backwards] =
Yasnis. When contacting the Kiev Archives,they found something with the
surname spelling of RXHEC{ Yahknes/Yahknis/Yahnis/Yahnes} and they want
to charge a minimal amount......I don't have a problem paying for
accurate records,but not when they appear to be inaccurate.I do not
know of this person with this surname { Moshko Yosevich Yahnes/Yahnis as
being a family member.....Is this Polish/Ukrainian/Russian/German and etc
spelling of how it sounds phonetically?.....Yahnes vs. Yasnes or RXHNC vs.
RCHNc? do you deal with the archives when they give you this and
you are not 100% for certain that this person is in your family's history?
Appreciate your feedback.Thank you.


Mike Yesnes

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