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Phyllis Kramer

Micah Salb posted:
"I am researching family who reportedly came >from "Breslavik, Poland".
Does anyone know of that town?"

Micah, sounds like you may have seen the town name in a document or heard it >from
family. I'm not sure if I've located the right town...but I found 3 possibilities.

I began the search with our JewishGen Community pages...these are towns with Jewish
presence circa 1900

First Breslaw, now in Belarus, was in Kovno Russian-Poland, then Wilno Poland
between the wars, now in Belarus. the Yiddish pronounciation was Breslev. I would
look at the links for this town on JewishGen's town page...follow the links,
especially look at the other genners registerred on JGFF. Also there is a
kehilalinks page. Breslaw has nothing on JRIP but Routes to Roots
( has a number of different records (census, holocaust, tax
lists); be sure to query in RTR using the soundex...

Second possibiity is Wroclaw, Poland aka Breslau, which was in Prussia, now in
Poland...this town had a very large Jewish population. There are a number of
records indexed on Jewish Records Indexing (JRI-Poland)...and on RTR, and over one
thousand registerred genners are researching this town.

The third possibility is Voroshylivka, known by the Jews as Varshilevke (B and V
sound alike);this town was in the Podalia Province in the Russian empire, today in
the Ukraine. It was never in Poland.

What i would begin with is the census...what did these folks say their birth
country was in 1910? 1920, 1930? This would differentiate the towns by their
governmental history. Next look for manifests and naturalizations, passports and
visas, drafts and other key documents to pinpoint the family and the town. And
then, once you find the town, add your surname and town to our JGFF so that others
can find you!

hope this helps
Phyllis Kramer, New York City, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
V.P.Education, JewishGen Inc:
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...STECHER, TRACHMAN >from Nowy Zmigrod, Dukla
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