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Alexander Sharon

Joel Ives wrote:
Looking for vital records for Myszyniec, Poland. (Mishenitz - Yiddish)
Does anyone know if these records exist and where they can be accessed?


Myszyniec Jewish community records didn't survive. You may review 197 records,
mostly grooms or brides that have been born in Myszyniec, and listed within nearby
Lomza, Nowogrod, Rajgrod, Ostrow Mazowiecka and Ostroleka records. In JRI-P
database please conduct search by town name (Myszyniec).

In addition, please review names of Jewish business people listed in 1929
Poland business directory, the direct link:

Not only records didn't survive: Jewish cemetery, synagogue, and Hassidic
shibel have been also destroyed.

Only a plaque that was erected in 2016 is a memory of one vibrant Jewish community.

Contrary to official Polish claims that synagogues and cemetery were destroyed by
Germans during WWII, it appears that locals were involvrd in destruction of
cemetery and synagogue in Myszyniec, and in the nearby towns.

In 2001 article in on-line Polish language "Zwoje", about Shtetls in northern part
of Masovia (Mazowsze) region, there few photographs related to cemetery and
synagogues in the region

The last remaining matseva was located in the local resident backyard:

In the Jewish cemeteries website, the entry for Myszyniec says that in the
60ies the were numerous matsewot located in the cemetery but they were
removed by local for their construction projects. Tombs were dug and bones have
been scattered in search for gold teeth and jewellery.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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