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Devon Smith <devonesmith@...>

I'm an onomast/etymologist by trade, Ashkenazi tradition is to not use
the name of a living relative, no 'juniors' or 'III' because of a folk
belief that doing so might confuse the angel of death and when they
come for the older person might take the younger namesake by mistake.
It's just a tradition rather than a hardcore belief. So Ashkenazi
naming honours with the initial by and large. A grandfather named
Bendet might have grandsons named Barry, Benjamin, Brian, etc.

Bendet is a variant of Baruch, meaning 'blessed' so unrelated in
meaning/origin to Benjamin but the similarity might have been
considered by some relatives to be too close to Bendet, resulting in
it being changed. Once the original Bendet had passed, Benjamin and
even Bendet itself would be back on the table in terms of naming
options within that family. Your theory certainly would be in line
with Ashkenazi naming customs.

Devon Smith

From: "Sharon R. Korn" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2017 02:27:34 +0000 (UTC)

My great-grandfather's name was Bendet, which was used on his
children's tombstones as his Hebrew name. Would Benjamin be forbidden
as a name for a grandson, according to Ashkenazic naming customs? My
father's name was originally Benjamin but was changed within a few
weeks of his birth. His brother was named Benjamin a few years later,
which makes me think Benjamin was a forbidden name during the
grandfather's lifetime, and he must have died in the interim.

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