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Jacques <jhirszowski@...>

My grand-father Jacob (Yankel) Hirszowski, >from Eisiskes was born c. 1870.
my grand-mother Chava Makov (1878-1935) is the daughter of Moshe Iser
Makov and Toive Leah Makov, and was born in Knyszyn.
I believe that my grand-father is in fact Yankel Girshovsky, as listed in
family unit 290 in the 1904 Revision List, found in the Jewish Lituania
Database, as almost everything in that record matches almost perfectly the
information I have about my family, but don't have a 100% proof of my
In this record, Chava's father is named as Girsh (?), while his father was
Moshe Iser Makov.

I'd like to get vital records to confirm my assumption : marriage of my
grand-parents and(or) birth records of their children, 4 of them probably
born in Eisiskes between 1900-1904, 3 of them born between 1906-1912
possibly in Knyszyn, and of course my dad who was born in 1919 in Bialystok.

There's a Yankel Girshovsky who was recorded in the Bialytok the 1912
Electoral List who might be my grand-father, as well as a Moshva Iser Makov
who is probably my great grand-father.

I would very much appreciate at this point some advice as where I should go
from here in my search for my grand-father and his family.
Best regards.
Jacques Hirszowski

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