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Sue Levy

Earlier this year we visited the Channel Islands and I photographed all the
Jewish graves in three cemeteries in St Helier, Jersey. With the tremendous
help of an archivist at the Societe Jersiaise, a lady who is Jersey's Jewish
historian, and the State Record Office I compiled the spreadsheets and sent
these additions to JewishGen for the JOWBR database.

To find the listings, search for Saint Helier under Town in the search
screen. The cemeteries are Westmount (historic and recent), Almorah
(historic) and Tower Road New Cemetery (current).

There is also a listing for Alderney, one of the smaller islands - this
appears to be in the form of a memorial plaque for lives lost during the
War, in the 1940s.

A message for all genealogists who visit Jewish cemeteries, especially small
ones: if you have time, please do check if JOWBR has those cemeteries yet,
and if not, do photograph what you can, and go on JewishGen to get the
instructions for submitting the photos plus any data you can decipher. It's
time consuming but not hard, and I'm happy to help. Also there are plenty of
online sources as well as local historical societies and museum archives to
help you find information about the deceased and fill in the gaps between
your photos.

Happy Chanukah to all!

Sue Levy
Perth, Australia

LEVY, LEVI, MORDECAI, MORDECAI LEVI (Plymouth, Australia, New Zealand)

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