BARUCH KAISER, Jaroslow, searching for descendants #galicia

a kaiser

Searching for any leads to my husband's family,
descendants of: Baruch KAISER, Jaroslow

Baruch KAISER, lived in Jaroslaw circa 1825 - 1890
had 3 sons, 2 daughters

Leon TOEPFER Jaroslaw or nearby, died Argentina 1979

Juana RASZEWSKI, lived in Argentina in 1990, daughter

RAGER, Jaroslaw, Rzeszow, Vienna, England
married a daughter of Baruch KAISER circa 1880

SCHWARZ, ?Jaroslaw, married a daughter of
Baruch KAISER, emigrated to Metuchen, NJ before World
War II, living in Metuchen 1938.

Zwie Dan HIRSCH, born circa 1920 Jaroslaw or nearby,
lived in Tel Aviv 1994

Adolf KAJZER, 1884 - 1942 (KZ Belcek), was a
dermatologist in Krakow 1913 - 1941. was associated
with the Sick Fund. May have lived or had his office
at Krowoderska 27 or Glowny 9. grandson of Baruch

Regina KAISER, circa 1880 - ?, unmarried, sister of
Adolf KAJZER, lived in Jaroslaw 1938.

Jaroslaw is on the river San in Eastern Galicia in
Rzeszow Province. It is not far >from Przemysl.

Any leads however vague will be appreciated.

Anne Kaiser,
New York City

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