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Werner Hirsch

In trying to put together my family tree I have run into an apparent dead end.
A second cousin (once removed) of mine, Else OPPENHEIMER, left Germany in 1940
and eventually settled in Ventura, CA with her husband, Ernest.

I am trying to find out if they had any children, or other family and, if so,
where they might be. I would also like to know what Ernest's work was in Ventura.

Here is what I know abut them:

Else Fanny GAERTNER, b. 4 Jan.1900, Frankfurt a/M, Germany, immigrated to USA
from Liverpool 22 Mar. 1940 (Arrived New York City 1 Apr. 1940), d. 22 June 1982,
Ventura, CA

Ernst (Ernest) OPPENHEIMER, b. 23 Mar. 1890, Marsberg, Germany, d. 17 Sept. 1978,
Ventura, CA (Son of Siegmund OPPENHEIMER)

Both are buried in the Ivy Lawn Cemetery in Ventura. The Find-A-Grave and
JewishGen's websites both have a photo of Ernest's gravestone, but unfortunately,
not of Else's.

Thanks for any help that someone can give me, or pont me in the right direction.


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