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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Whilst we all welcome Marcia G. Hoffman as a member of
our Austria-Czech SIG, I was really surprised to read
her statement" I was researching in Galicia but at the
25th conference I was told that I would do better
focusing on this list".

My instinct and the evidence of the two names
HAZELKORN and FUCHS immediately alerted me to Galicia
and Poland where Jews, as late as the end of the 19th
century, were very often named officially by their
mother's maiden name, because of the marriage
regulations/restrictions - [religious vs civil].
But as the word "Austria" appears on Marcia's records,
I would make a *beeline for Galicia*.

Thus, my paternal London grandmother is named Sara
KLEINOT on my parents' July 17th 1932 wedding
certificate in Vienna*, but on my father's London
birth certificate >from 1893, she is called Sara
KELBIG! I have traced my KLEINOTs >from Plock -
{probably her maternal name} but have never found any
KELBIGs also >from Plock. I have found a few listed on

re Marcia's query: I looked a Jri-pl [Jewish Records
Indexing Poland] and found this entry:

Breine Riwka [female] born in 1888 Akt 72 Signature
1837; Father Ozias HASELKORN Mother: Cipe FUCHS
District Lany
Narajow PSA AGAD B 1877-95
Tarnopol Wojewodztwa / Ukraine
(records in Fond 300 in AGAD Archive)

I know the dates are later than the family we are
looking for, but these family relationships often
continued through the generations.

Many Jewish Tarnopol families did move to Vienna, but
it will take a lot of research to establish links.
There are no HAZELKORN/HASELKORN listed on the
Austrian cemetery or the Austrian holocaust databases.

Yet if you look on Yad Vashem you tragically find 166
FUCHS >from Tarnopol, 27 Hazelkorn >from Galicia - and
most of these are >from Tarnopol and 24 victims with
the maiden name FUCHs >from Tarnopol.

I know where I would concentrate my research.

Celia Male [U.K]

* My parents' wedding was held at the synagogue at
Schmalzhofgasse 3, Vienna 6 - burnt down on the
Krystallnacht - Architect Max Fleischer, followed by a
civil marriage at the British Consulate.

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