JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Puzzling discrepancy in two sisters' birth records -- Russian #general

Mr Dmitry Nikelshpur


I had posted images of two birth records, written in Russian, >from
late 19th century in Siedlce, Poland, at

The first is Pesia GOLDVERT, and the second is Frimet GOLDVERT. I am
convinced these are my great-grandfather's, Zalman GOLDVERT's, sisters.

Recently I realized that the mother's, Asna Tauba's, maiden name in
both records is different -- in the first record, the maiden name looks
like LEIBMAN, while in the second record it looks like GOLDMAN.

I will be grateful for ideas / advice as to how to go about trying to
resolve this discrepancy? Were there also Hebrew copies of birth records
in Siedlce in late 19th century (I know that there were Russian and
Hebrew copies of records in some other parts of Europe).

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you, and Kind Regards,
Dmitry Nikelshpur

NIKELSHPUR (Belarus), GOLDVERT (Poland / Belarus), ROLBEYN (Belarus),
VILENSKY (Belarus / Poland), HAIKEN(Belarus), BEREZHANSKY (Belarus),
MARSHAK (Belarus), LEIBMAN (Belarus)

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