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Alexander Sharon


First of all, there appears to be confusion as to the town's past name.

Polish language version of the website for Dabrowa Bialostocka (Bialystok's
Dabrowa) says that name Dabrowa Bialostocka has been established on March
10. 1961. Previously place was known as Dabrowa Grodzienska (eg Grodno's
Please refer to:

But while searching available interwar period sources, one can see that town
under the name of Dabrowa Grodzienska or Dabrowa Bialostocka doesn't show

Town was actually known as Dabrowa, district Sokolka, Bialystok Province or
post office Dabrowa near Grodno. In 1929 Poland Business Directory on page
114 for Dabrowa, you will see two entries for your family members:
F. Oljan (check under header "Piwiarnie"- Beer breweries), and
M.Oljan, (Check under header "Artykuly spozywcze" - Food store)

There is a an Yzkor Book for town "Dubrova" excellently written by Michael

There are also 58 entries in JGFF database for Dabrowa Bialostocka, and
there is no your name as researcher or researched by you family name Olyan
are listed.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

David E Goldman wrote:

Hello, Jewishgenners. I received a letter >from the archive in the town of
Dabrowa Byalistocka, which is in Poland on the border with Belarus. I was
looking for records for my other ancestral family of OLYAN.
They have informed me that they do not have any metric/vital records for
people of that town and don't know where they would be........So since
records are deemed "destroyed" >from WW2, is there still a possibility that
they exist elsewhere, i.e. Grodno, or Vilnius or even Warsaw?? Any thoughts
on this strange situation?

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