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Glenda Rubin


There have been extensive discussions/threads about the name *Mechla*
in the group. In addition to any replies to your question, I would
suggest you search the discussion group archives.

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I remember it well, as my mother's name was Mechle, named for her
grandmother. One rabbi opined that it was not Michal (the Biblical
name) but rather a feminine version of the Yiddish male name *Mechel*,
i.e., Michael.


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On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 5:33 AM, Tsiporah Trom gtrom@... wrote:
Has anyone ever encountered the given name 'Mechla' in Yiddish ?

My GGM, born in 1874/84 in Warsaw, was called Mechla in Yiddish and
Michalina in Polish.

What could be the meaning of her name ?
Is it related to the Biblical name 'Michal' (one of King David's wives)?

On another document, she is mentioned as 'Mache'.
But I suppose it's a mistake.

I'm curious to read your input on this.

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