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Elena Bazes

The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) has just released new
and updated databases on its website. There are now over 1 million
records available in our databases. We want to thank the participating
archives and the many volunteers who have prepared these databases.

A preview of the databases is available at

New Databases

Voters' List Knesset Israel, Tel Aviv - 1936 (letters Alef - Daled) 15,721

This is the first section of this Voters' List. The information you may
find includes the address, locality, age, gender, family name, first name,
name of father, comment. The database is in Hebrew. (Images available.)

Immigrants Listed in the Aliyah Department, Haifa - 1943 6,264 Listings

In addition to the name of the person you may find the locality, country
of origin, an additional surname, date of immigration, age. The database
is in Hebrew. (Images available.)

Updated Databases

Operation on Eagles Wings - October, 1949 3,505 Listings

The name and an ID number are included in this database. Additional
information may be available by following the link to the website of the
JDC on each detail page. The names appear in English. (No images.)

Telephone Directory, 1963 (letters G - H) 5,541 Listings

In addition to the names, the information may include the phone number,
address, locality (city), occupation and comments. Not all entries have
identical information available. (Images available.)

Please note, images can be seen by paid IGRA members only. If you are not
an IGRA member, you will be able to see the transcriptions only.

Before viewing the databases, please register for free on the IGRA website:

To view the databases, go to

Elena Bazes

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