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Dear JGenners, My grandfather, Heinrich AUFRICHT, B. 10 Nov 1881, in
Zablocie Poland died in Tersesienstadt 3 Oct 1942. Among his
siblings, he had a sister, Berta BRODER, B. 22 Sept. 1878 in Vienna. I
thought I knew that Berta had died in London in 1950 (data >from a
linked Ancestry tree and London death certificate) but recently I
found a testimony in Yad Vashem (50414, 2235011) suggesting that Berta
submitted a deposition in Israel. The dates of this deposition do not
match exactly my information about Heinrich's birth and death and
Berta is listed as "brother" rather than sister. How do I find out
more about Berta and resolve these discrepancies? Any help would be
greatly appreciated by this newbie searcher. Many thanks. Tom

Thomas F. Anders
South Dartmouth MA

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