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Phyllis Kramer

Debbie Terman asked an excellent question about finding siblings.

And yes, there are a few items you can check, starting with siblings of
immigrants (assuming you have found the town of origin...almost impossible
if you can only narrow to a country).

First, the census...they tended to live nearby...look thru the neighboring pages
next, try to find similar surnames coming >from the same town. can do this fairly easily on Ellis Island via
...and the WWII draft via ancestry..also allows you to query the town. can also search the common cemeteries for landsmanshaften

FamilySearch has transcribed the parents on many publically available birth and
marriage records; this might help speed up the research

Ancestry, FamilySearch, MyHeritage and JewishGen's FTJP allow you to
search family trees limited to town of origin.

On any country database, if you have a surname that has various spellings, use
the soundex along with the town of origin. For JRI-Poland, get the latitude/
longitude of the town >from the JewishGen community page and look for same
surnames with 10-15 miles of your town of origin.

Gesher Galicia allows you to search using the town name and a distance >from it.
That narrows common surname queries.

When you check JGFF, copy down the district/uzed >from the JewishGen community
page and have the list of neighboring towns handy, so you don't limit yourself
to the one town they came from. You can also hover over the JewishGen icon and
see the district each town was part of.

Make up a simple descendant tree with the immigrant ... you'll know the fathers
name >from the send along to others researching the same town
saves a lot of explanation in your note to fellow 'genners.

Hope this helps
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