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I have been researching my paternal family, YUDIN (IUDIN) for nine
years, but have been unable to find any information about my father's
line. The other day I went back to & to Jewishgen,
reviewing the 1834, 1850, 1888 All Lithuania Revision lists, as well
as the Lithuania 1875 Tax & Voters lists. I checked for my paternal
name, YUDIN (IUDIN) >from the Sharkovshchina, Disna, Vilnius area of
what had been Lithuania (presently Belarus). I hadn't looked at the
listings for a couple of years but something has always made me feel
that some of the names were my relatives, I just was not seeing the

My great grandfather was Yehudah Lieb, referred to by my family as
Leyb; his common usage U.S. name was Louis. He was married to Malka
(nee SHAPIRO), known as Molly. On the Lithuania list there was a Leiba
married to a Malka, with his father listed as Mendel. That was my
starting point.

My father's birth name was Emanuel & I had often wondered who he was
named after. My uncle, his brother--Leo Marvin--, said that as kids,
they would singsong Mendrick/Shmendrik, Mendel/Shmendl, but I saw no
connection between the childish words & my father's name. I decided to
look at Ancestry's "Jewish Names Variations" list for alternate U.S.
names for "Mendel"----there it was--my connection! One of the US
alternate names for Mendel was----Emanuel! So, evidently my father was
named after his great grandfather (my gggrandfather), Mendel!! My
grandfather, Sam, was listed--as Simon (I knew his Hebrew name was
Shimon), his brother Israel was identified as Srol, his sister, Jenny,
was Zlata, etc. By checking other fathers' names I was able to trace
back to my 4th ggrandfather,Iudel/Iuda, earlier than 1797! I was also
able to identify many approximate birth years and the names of some of
the wives & children of each of the men, back through the generations.

Marilyn Robinson

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