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Judith Hirshfield-Bartek wrote on 13 Feb 2018 in

Dear All
When I was young my grandmother Hirshfield used to tell us about a
German relative who did the pioneering research on sexuality. A few
years ago the Boston Film Festival had a film telling the story of
Mangus HIRSCHFELD the father of the sexual movement.

I recently became interested in tracing my family roots and convinced
that we are related to Mangus Hirschfeld but unable to find the proof.

I did however, find out that my grandparents, Herman and Hudga who
emigrated >from Germany in the 1880s originally spelled their name
HIRSCHFELD and the spelling was changed to the American version
HIRSCHFIELD which is the way our family has spelled our name.

Apparently Mangus escaped Nazi Germany in the early 1930s after a brief
arrest. He immigrated to France and died late 1930s of a heart attack.
All of his manuscripts were destroyed during one of Hitler's book
burnings. He was considered the most dangerous Jew in Nazi Germany
because he knew all of the homosexual and child molesters in Hitler's
inner circle.

By any chance has anyone heard of Mangus HIRSCHFELD or know of anything
about him?
The name is "Magnus HIRSCHFELD", not "Mangus".


Don't miss out on the German version, which gives more family info:

Read section: "Spates Privatleben und Erbnachlass" in

You could use this translator, superior to Google, to read portions in English
if you are a monoglot:

Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
(Please change the x'es to dots)

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