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Maybe I am missing something here, but Czernowitz is in the Ukraine. It is
not in Romania, and there is no more Galicia. Are the SIG divisions based
on current nation states or historical? Also its names on current maps is
either Chernivtsi or Cernivci, depending on the whether
it is a Russian or Ukrainian era map, and the transliteration system used
for Cyrllic to English. According to my Ukrainian Researcher, Chernivtsi is
the most accurate rendition into English.

Using this very same logic applied here, Transylvania, where my ancestors
are from, was Hungarian, and therefore should be part of the Hungarian SIG,
not the Romanian SIG (and there isn't even a Ukrainian SIG that I know of)
or should be treated as a region, e.g. Carpathia (the equivalent of looking
at Bukovina as a region), independent of current national boundaries?

As for researching areas that have been under many legal jurisdictions, I
have found it not only beneficial, but almost necessary to belong to several
SIGs as is the case of Carpathia, which spent the majority of its history
under Hungary, is currently divided between Romania and Ukraine, and in the
past had various portions under the jurisdiction of Galacia, Poland,
Czechoslovakia, Austro-Hungary and Russian; and therefore belong to the
Hungarian SIG, Romanian SIG, Galacian SIG and German SIG. The information
received >from these SIGs then needs to be pieced together.

Leslie Gyi nee FEIG
Researching FEIGs anywhere
POLLAKs in Carpathia
GOLDENBERGs in Carpathia & Poland
HAJNIKs in Carpathia & Poland

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Bruce Wexler wrote in part that he has "about 13 pages in German about
the city of Czernowitz."

Several years ago, Gesher Galicia (GG) and ROM-SIG agreed that ROM-SIG
would focus on Bukovina (incl. Czernowitz). GG no longer lists
Czernowitz information in our Family Finder and the following appears as
part of GG's InfoFile on our web site:

Acquired by the Austrian Empire >from the Ottoman Empire in 1775.
Merged with Galicia in 1787.
Administered as a separate province after 1849.
Included within the area of focus of the Romanian Special Interest
Group, Rom-SIG. Bukovina shares with Romania a history of Turkish and
Romanian administration that was not experienced by Galicia. Researchers
with roots in Bukovina will probably find more assistance in Rom-SIG
than in Gesher Galicia. <>

Shelley Kellerman Pollero, Coordinator
Gesher Galicia
Severna Park, Maryland

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