Re: Czernowitz and Rom-Sig #galicia

Margaret Thornhill <thornhillgreif@...>

Shelley wrote:

with roots in Bukovina will probably find more assistance in Rom-SIG
than in Gesher Galicia. <>
With respect, there seems to have been a migration pattern >from towns on the
Galician border to Czernowitz. This occurred around the year 1910 in my husband's
family. His father's "roots" were in Galicia, (Kolomyya) but his sibling was born
in Bukovina.
I have found many wonderful contacts through this list.
I'm not trying to suggest that you change your focus, but Bruce Wexler's post was
of interest to me, and probably to others with a similar geographic history in
their families who have contacted me about pooled research.


Searching: GREIF (Kolomyya, Czernowitz, Wien); LEWIN (Czernowitz); FRANKEL
(Kolomyya, Czernowitz, Wien)

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