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Peter Wollinski

Dear all,
My mother. Maria JANISCH emigrated >from Austria to England in 1936. In
1943 she was interned on the Isle of Man (United Kingdom) as was
deemed to be an "Unfriendly Enemy Alien". In 1944, she was repatriated
back to Austria through the assistance of the International Red Cross.

She traveled aboard the mercy ship, M.V. Drottningholm, >from Liverpool
(England) to Gothenburg Sweden, and then traveled somehow back to
Austria. Both Germans and Austrians were onboard this ship as they
were part of the exchange program for civilians and POWs between the
Allies and the Germans.

Does anyone know, how and what route the Austrian internees aboard
this mercy ship would have taken to travel back to Austria from
Gothenburg, Sweden in 1944 or suggest where I may be able to seek an
answer to my query? The International Red Cross have been unable to
answer my question.

Appreciate your assistance.
Peter Wollinski
Sydney Australia

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