JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen question about KOYRE (from baal koyre) surname : why so rare ? #general

Nathalie Ried <njried@...>


I have been researching my ancestors >from Lithuania and Ukraine for about 14 years
and have benefitted >from JewishGen's wonderful tools.

I have noticed while researching my KOYRE family >from Odessa that this surname
(which I assume comes >from the function of Torah reader in the synagogue, the baal
koyre) was quite rare, even with its variant spellings (KOIRE, KOIRA, COIRE, COIRA

I have come across quite few bearers of that name, be it in the Ukraine or
Lithuania records.

I wonder why it is so rare (or is it a misperception on my part?), since there were
baal koyres in all communities, and other names derived >from the same type of
function are more common (GABAI for example)

I'm interested in any remarks, suggestions or anecdotes about the name, its
origins and rarity, thank you very much to all in advance,

Chag Purim Sameach,
Nathalie Ried (France)

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