JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen 7 Ways to Share Your Research with Others - New JGSLI Video #general

Nolan Altman

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island (JGSLI), winner of the IAJGS
2015 Outstanding Publication Award for its You Tube Channel, is pleased to
announce its latest video, "7 Ways to Share Your Research with Others".

Let me ask you a question.If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around,
does it make a noise? Beats me. Here's another question.If you've spent
years researching your family history but don't share it with your family,
have you done all your research steps? Here are 7 ways that you can share
with your family and friends the information you've been accumulating in
interesting ways.

You can access all 37 of our short instructional videos directly >from our
You Tube Channel at or >from our
website If you have any comments or recommendations for
other topics, please let me know at

Nolan Altman

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