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Sarah L Meyer


Notice that on Dec 18 1968 she would have been 64 years old. That indicates
then that is the date that she began to claim monthly social security
benefits. There is no way to tell whether she claimed benefits on her
earnings or her husband's >from this data. But >from census data, you should
be able to tell whether she had been employed or not. If not, which would
be the more common situation, she probably did claim on her husband's
earnings, since social security (then and now) provides a family benefit of
the husband's benefit plus 1/2 of his benefit as long as he is living for
her. After he died then her benefits would be his benefit. If she worked,
then she would have the larger of her benefits or 1/2 of his and at his
death it would be the larger of the two benefits.

Sarah Christiansen
Georgetown TX

From: "Barbara Algaze" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2018

I have found a record on in the database entitled Social
Security Application and Claims Index 1939 - 2007.
The information includes:

Name: Margarete Block
Birth Date: 12 Mar 1904
Death Date: 19 Aug 1988
Claim Date: 18 Dec 1968

Other records indicate that she was a widow at the time of her passing.

My question is: To what does the "Claim Date" refer?
Is it the date she made a claim on her husband's SS account?
Or is it a date that she made a claim on her own account?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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