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A. E. Jordan

I have to go to the NYC Municipal Archives Friday morning so I am going
to offer to help out others while I am there. My time window is going
to be somewhat limited.

While I am there I can either read or get copies of births through 1909;
deaths through 1948; and marriages through 1949. They also have the 1890
Police Census on microfilm and other records.

As always, I have a sort of set routine. You send me specific citations
from the online index and I work as your eyes and hands onsite. Please
no generic "Moshie came to Manhattan find him" requests ... those are
more involved research.

If you want the records printed they cost $11 each or I can read them
and send you some notes via email. In addition I appreciate a few
dollars to help off set my expenses of doing this for everyone.
Unfortunately the repeated trips do add up.

As always, feel free to email me about NYC records in general as well
as I am happy to share my thoughts/experience.

Allan Jordan

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