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Jeff Miller

I've posted four sentences >from the backs of two family picture postcards,
the first two are >from the first postcard and the third and fourth are from
the second postcard, all in Yiddish, for which I need translations.
The four are on Viewmate at the following addresses...

What I know about the two picture postcards is the majority in my album
relate to my Fraider family >from Ukraine. My grandmother Jennie (Shayndl)
Fraider married Mordechai/Mottel/Max Mlynarz/Miller >from Ostroleka Poland
in New York in November 1916. At least one of the postcards has the year
1925 in the text.

I can determine >from the little I can read of the Yiddish that the town name
Ostroleka is mentioned. I don't know the context, and don't know the
identities of the persons depicted on the opposite sides of the postcards,
and have no knowledge of whether my grandparents knew each other or related
individuals >from the in-law families in Eastern Europe, so this might help
me determine the answers to some of these questions.

Please respond via the form provided in the Viewmate application.
Thank you very much.

Jeff Miller

MODERATOR NOTE: The last of the four images is in Polish, not Yiddish.

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