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Jay Paul

I am hoping to find out more information about what appears to be a diminutive
name, Gele. I am hoping that there might be some association with the name

There are vital records that identify Gele as the eldest daughter (and second-born)
of Loeser/Elieser Gottlieb of Grebenau and his first wife Juedel (nee Traumann).
Her date of birth fits perfectly with the age of my great-great-grandmother,
Karolina Kahn (nee Gottlieb) at the time of her death (and the information on that
record, noting her as the first daughter of Loeser Gottlieb, a cattle trader of

The crucial issue is the difference of first names. While Alexander Beider's
"Dictionary of Ashkenazi Given Names" notes a Kele, with a derived form Kelin that
could certainly result in a similar name of Karolina, he states that he does not
believe that Gele and Kele are variants of the same name.

Thus I am unsure if there is any further information that might suggest that Gele
is Karolina. So far, I have not found vital documents (such as a marriage record)
that might confirm that they are one and the same. Have others found incidents
where someone named Gele in one record was Karolina or Caroline in another?

Thanks for any insights you may be able to provide.

Jay Paul

Jay P. Paul
San Francisco, CA, USA

Researching: SUMBERG (Pilviskiai, Lithuania), LANGERT (Pilviskiai & elsewhere in
Suwalki gubernia), KOTLER (Vistytis, Suwalki gubernia), WOLF (Austro-Hungary),
KAHN (Ranstadt, Hesse, Germany), GOTTLIEB (Grebenau, Hesse, Germany), PAVLOVSKIY /
PAVLOVSKY (Mala Antonivka, Bila Tserkiv, Vasylkiv, Kyiv gubernia, Ukraine),
LEVITSKIJ / LEVITZSKY (Yasnohorodka, Vasylkiv, Kyiv gubernia).

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