On-Line GG Newsletter #galicia

Edward Andelman <andelman@...>

Dear Members,

While currently I am not a GG Newsletter subscriber, I had been in the
past and very much enjoyed and looked forward to receiving it. At that
time before Jewishgen and the GG website it was the only source of
communication for Galician researchers. It's still very important to
those members who aren't involved with the computer and for genealogical
libraries to receive copies.

But as people have pointed out, many more members are becoming computer
literate and for the immediate future, it seems necessary to have it
both ways, if this is possible. For myself, I would welcome the
accessibility of the on-line Newsletter because it deepens the open-end
exchange of ideas and information as this website does. And too, I
would be willing and expect to pay a fee for this privilege, as I do for
membership to organizations. The wealth of information I have gained
from members of both Jewishgen and Gesher Galicia is priceless. It has
enabled me to draw a picture of Galician life I never would have known.

It seems a perfect opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and
appreciation and wish Happy Chanukah and Healthy New Year to all,

Jeanne Blitzer Andelman
Cleveland, Ohio
Mielnitza/Mielnica, Galicia, Austria, now Mel'nitza Podolskaya,
Tarnapol/Ternopil--FLEISCHMAN, REITER
Kudrynce, Bukovina, Austria, now Kudrintsy, Ukraine--REINSTEIN, ZUKER,

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