JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Jewish undertakers in 1892 in the Pittsgrove, NJ area #general

Steve Pickoltz

I have been getting replies to my post suggesting I get a death cert; check
with Pittsgrove Twn government; etc.

I'm sorry for not mentioning who I have contacted already, and that is why I
am looking for an undertaker or other possible suggestions.

So far I have tried the cemetery with **no** luck. The only fact they could
tell me is my great grandmother died in 1888, **but that is impossible** since
her family arrived in the USA in 1890. That tells you something about their
records. Pittsgrove Twn has **no** records going back that far, nor does their
tax office. They are all missing. Nearby towns also have no records. Salem
and neighboring counties have no records. The local historical society only has
pictures of the tombstones in Alliance, and little else. The NJ State Achieves
has no death info, but supplied me with a copy of my family's mortgage and deed
for land in Pittsgrove. These items were located for me by the Chief of
Achieves office. The US census of 1890 and the special 1895 State Census have
no info.

These are the reasons I decided to try finding the undertaker or a firm that
presently has records >from an undertaker doing business at the Alliance
Cemetery in 1892.

However, at this point I am open to any and all suggestions. For the record,
my great grandmother was Sara PICKHOLTZ and according to her tombstone, she
died on Jan. 1, 1892.

Steve Pickholtz
Tabernacle, NJ

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