Re-Introduction: ROSENBAUM, JACHZEL, BUCHBINDER (Galicia, Silezia, Bohemia, and other places) #austria-czech

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This message has 3 parts:
- Introduction
- Paternal Genealogy (in scope of this group)
- Maternal Genealogy (out of scope, but interesting)

Born and raised in Israel, I've been interested in my family's genealogy
since I was about 14 years old. That was three decades ago... even at that
time I asked family elders to write down what they know of their ancestors.
Many had no interest in collaborating, some had no clue, and only a handful
provided a written gold mine, that was later used to verify information
obtained elsewhere, or to initiate formal searches for documents in archives
located in Spain, Portugal, Germany and Czechoslovakia. The search in Spain
and Portugal was carried out by another member of my extended family, who
eventually published 1 book in German and 3 books in Hebrew about the
family's history. Most of the Hebrew version was translated into English by
his brother; it's available electronically for people with interest in
Spanish or Portuguese roots.

I've been a member and a $upporter of the JewishGen project for well over 5
years. I salute Sharla Levine and Celia Male for their leadership. We're all
indebted to them.

Paternal Genealogy

On my father's side I am searching for BUCHBINDER, ROSENBAUM, JACHZEL (and
variations on the name, such as JACHCEL, YACHZEL, etc.), >from Galicia,
Silesia, Bohemia, and other places.

The oldest BUCHBINDER I have is Yakob BUCHBINDER, born 1827 in Osoblaha,
Silezia and died August 04, 1876, in Opava (now in Czech Republic). Yakob
was married to Fanny POLLAK, born March 23, 1832 in Lichnov (Lichten, in
German) and died on November 01, 1908 in Opava (Troppau, in German).
The oldest ROSENBAUM I have on record is Hermann (Elchanan Zvi) ROSENBAUM,
born circa 1840 in Lenkavice, Poland, married to Rosi JACHZEL who was born
on January 06, 1849 in Rychwald, Galicia. The couple moved to Ostrava where
they lived the rest of their life.

Maternal Genealogy

Although not in scope of this group, it is of interest to note that on my
maternal side I have documented genealogy that goes back to the 1100's in
Spain and Portugal. The extended family had a fleet of ocean going boats for
several generations. When the Jews were expelled >from Spain, and later from
Portugal, family members that were not imprisoned or cruelly tortured and
murdered by the Inquisition's "loving" hands ended up in many places, as far
as South America, the Caribbean, Holland and Germany. Last names are YICHIA,
DE-MILAO, HENRIQUES, and many more. The portugeese who fled to Germany later
became GLUCKSTADT. GABEL and ENGELBERG were added to this tree by marriage,
three and four generations ago, in Germany.

Eli Rohn

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