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Leslie Gyi <leslie.gyi@...>

Publicly posted emails and bulletin boards are no different than journals.
If you have concerns about the journal, then you should have the SAME
concerns about belonging to the SIG and sending emails like this one.

Leslie Gyi nee FEIG

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Linda Cantor has presented some serious concerns about an online
journal. I myself am not a subscriber to the current journal. I would
like to find out more about it.

One thing I have been concerned about in regard to online sharing of
information is the privacy issue. Once something is online, there is no
stopping the Google robot and other search facilities. Since many
people use mother's maiden names as security codes, I have been
wondering how much information to share at any Web site. I would like
to hear feed back >from people on this issue.

I was also surprised to find that two quick and illiterate
emails that I sent to the SIG are permanently posted on the JewGen
notice board. How do I get those off?

Judith Daar
researching the DAAR/ TAFFET families of Dembitz/Debica.

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