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Dear All,

I have just finished listening to a fascinating radio broadcast called
Death in Ice Valley, a BBC podcast over 10 weeks.

This was about trying to find out about the identity of a woman whose
body was found on the slopes of an isolated valley called Isdal Valley
in Bergen, Norway in November 1970. The woman is known in Norway as the
Isdal woman

Despite subsequent investigation by Interpol , local police, private
investigators no one to date knows who she was or why she died there.

The BBC broadcast did extensive new investigation including DNA and
dental Isotope checking and determined that she may have been born in
about 1930 in south west Germany.

On the basis of this they began surmising ( as I did ) that she may have
been Jewish and escaped the Nazis but her family did not...

If anyone might know of someone that went missing in 1970 perhaps they
should be in touch .... if the woman does indeed turn out to be Jewish
she deserves reburying and naming. The program said that she was buried
in an unmarked grave by the police.


Ezra Hyman

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