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Robert Fraser <rgfraser@...>

Dear Group - As of this date, discounting the emails I may have already
erased; 17 of 34 respondents seem to clearly favour a hard copy version of
GG. But some of
these favoured an online version as well. So it's pretty well a 50/50 split
between the do's and don'ts.

We will eventually be doing much of our correspondence and transactions
through email - many community
groups have done away with hard copy totally. The advantages for quickly
distributing information worldwide are obvious.

I don't currently subscribe to GG, although I have in the past, because I
don't want any more paper coming
into my house, and also because I have found that I can get as much useful
information >from what's already online and >from the discussions as from
reading the GG.

Robert W Fraser

[Time to wind this discussion up and get back to Galicia. One more day to
get your ideas on the e-waves, and then this discussion will be closed.
Thanks to everyone who has voiced an opinion. I'm sure those in the
position to make the decisions will take the members' wishes into serious
consideration, that is WHEN we get an editor and IF the Galicianer gets
published -- Moderator on duty]

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