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Shirley Brodt

I wrote the following in an earlier June post:

I've recently discovered American relatives of my paternal grandfather, Chaskel
(Yechezkiel) Muhlstock (born 1885 and came to the U.S. >from Poland or Austria in
1939), who was a son of Abraham Muhlstock (born circa 1863) and Rachel Dur.

One of the offspring of these relatives wrote that Chaskel was one of three
siblings: Mina Muhlstock (born 1893), who married Samuel Schwartz; Rosa Muhlstock
(born 1902), who married Isadore Frumkin (I've found and received information on
both of these siblings); and Isie Muhlstock.

One relative wrote that Isie (or Izzy) was a woman who married Stanley Mills.
Another relative wrote that Izzy was a man, who turned away >from being religious
and might have fought in the Spanish Civil War.

Try as I might, I can find no information on Izzy. His or her birth date would have
been around the dates of his/her other siblings. There are entries for an Isie or
Isaac Muhlstock, born 1876, but that can't be the person I'm searching for, as that
date would mean that Abraham would have been about 13 years old when Izzy was born.

On the WieWasWie website, I found information on an Isaac Muhlstock, born 1894,
which would fit, and also a U.S. Border Crossings >from Canada to the U.S. list, in
which his father's name is listed as Abraham.

That was my original post.

After that, I spoke with an American relative, who said that Stanley Mills and Izzy
Muhlstock were one and the same person. I was told that Izzy, son of Abraham
Muhlstock and Rachel Dur, had come to the U.S. and lived in New York. He sometimes
visited Mount Clemens, Michigan, where his sister Mina lived. Izzy (it is unknown
if his name was originally Israel or Yitzchak) had no interest in his Jewish
heritage, changed his name to Stanley Mills and married an American Jewish woman.

With all that, I still haven't found any corroborating info on him. On JRI-Poland,
under the Stanislawow Wojewodztwo tab, there was an entry showing an Izrael
Muhlstock, daughter of Ruchel, and having been born in Bursztyn in 1899, but >from
what I can gather >from the text in the accompanying image, Ruchel's information
shows that that record was not for the person I'm seeking.

If anyone can read Polish and let me know what the text says, that would be much

Shirley Muhlstock Brodt

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