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Hilary Osofsky

I am searching for Tova [GRIGST?] KASPI, who submitted testimony to Yad Vashem for
her mother, Chasa / Etta [ZILBERMAN] GRIGST, in 1956 (Item ID: 656964).Tova might
be living in Israel.

According to Tova, Chasa, was born in "Chwadan," (sic.) Taurage," to Gita and
Mordechai Zilberman in 1889, moved to Memel before World War II, and apparently was
living in Swieciany, Poland, during the war. She was murdered at Silale (Yiddish:
Shilel). Chasa's photo is posted on Yad Vashem's website.

I am searching for Tova because her mother and my grandmother, nee Feige / Fanny
Idelovich, were cousins, both born in Chveidan within a year of one another.
Feige's parents, my g-grandparents Malke Zilberman and Moshe Idelovich (later known
as Morris Edelson), had been living in Chveidan, where they raised their family,
from about the 1870's - 1880's on.
Our U.S. branch of the family remained in touch with Chasa's older brother, Meir
Zilberman, who emigrated to the U.S. in 1886. He settled in Reading, Pennsylvania,
where he lived as Morris Silberman / Silverman with his wife, Ida (Cohn), and their
children, Hannah, Martha, Philip, Jeannette, Martin, and Thobia.

According to Meir's marriage certificate, he was also born in "Chwadan," Russia;
his parents were Gita [-] and "Marcus" Zilberman. However, according to Meir's
death certificate, his father's Hebrew name was Mordechai. Furthermore, his son,
Martin, was named Mordechai in his grandfather's memory.

Chasa and Meir also had half-sisters, Sarah and Mary, born c. 1900-1902, who
emigrated to the U.S. between about 1910-1916. Mary later married Jack Purcell and
emigrated to Israel.

Although I only learned of Tova through her testimony, her mother and my
grandmother, being the same age and living in the same town, would have known each
other as children, before my grandmother was taken to England. Chasa would also
have known my great-grandmother, Malke, quite well.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone having information that could help me find
Tova would contact me directly either at or

Hilary Osofsky
Orinda, California

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