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Deborah Schultz

Hello. I have a photo of a tombstone in the old Jewish cemetery of
Kalush, Ukraine. (Before WWI, it was in Galicia. Between the wars, it
was in Poland.) The name Hersch SCHUTZ appears in Latin letters. The
rest of the inscription is in Hebrew, and gives his Hebrew name as
Tsvi son of Yitskhak HaLevi. Tsvi-Hersch died on the holiday of
Simkhat Torah 5697 (= 9 October 1936). That's all the information I
have on him.

I have been trying to find out more about him or his family, but I
can't find any vital records for Kalush. I have read that many of
these records were burned in a fire in the city during World War I. I
have tried several resources already, such as online databases
(Ancestry, Family Search, Ellis Island, JewishGen databases, and
Gesher Galicia). I have also emailed other researchers looking for the
surname SCHUTZ in Kalush. I found on Gesher Galicia that the house of
a Hersch SCHUTZ on Szewczenki Street in Kalusz was "completely
destroyed" in 1918 (by the same fire that destroyed the records?). Is
it likely this was the same man? I thought the name was fairly common.

Unfortunately, I have found no additional information about him or his
family. I want to make sure I really do try everything. I understand
that new records come online all the time, and that I should try these
searches again in a few months. My questions are:

1) Is there anything else I'm missing right now?

2) Does anybody recognize this man?

I appreciate any help, and also your time. Thanks!

Deborah Schultz, Metro Detroit, Michigan

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