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Alexander Sharon

I'm afraid that town Sosnove in Ukraine is not the researched "Zezmova".
Town Sosnove was known prior to the end of WWII in Polish as Ludwipol in
Volhynia region.

It had also distinguished Yiddish name of Slishch Gadol. Please also note
that in the JewshGen's Gazetteer town still known under is post WWII
Russian name: Sosnovoye. USBGN on which JewishGen is based, gradually
moving to modern Ukrainian names.

As to "Zezmova", which I believe is Lithuanian Ziezmariai, was also known
under Zezmar, Zezmer, Zhizmory and few similar names.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

From: Phyllis Kramer
Sent: July 6, 2018 8:50 AM

Polina posted: the person names what looks like Zezmova, Russia as his
town of origin. I cannot find any reference to this town anywhere.
Does anyone know anything about it?

Polina...JewishGen has two databases for locating towns in Eastern Europe
...the communities database has 6500 towns which had a Jewish presence and
institutions circa 1900...and the Gazetteer has **all** the towns in
Eastern Europe.

I suspect you tried the communities page query at
but used the default of phoenic searching...that indeed brought up no
results...however, when I used the soundex..I found a likely candidate
for your query: Sosnove, Ukraine at 5050/2700, 157 miles West of Kyyiv..
the town has a communities page with lots of good links...and you
should consider adding the surname and town on our family finder
(JGHFF) so that folks can find you!

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