JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Question about accessing Philadelphia marriage records #general

Debbie Terman

Has anyone had success with looking up Philadelphia marriage records
(for people who are deceased)? I've received mixed messages >from the
staff at the Philadelphia City Hall office about whether the records
are viewable, and the only procedure (which I've seen online, and been
told by the staff) is to send a written request, accompanied by checks
totaling $40 per marriage (for research and certified copy). I have
the years and marriage license numbers for all the marriages I'm
interested in (so there isn't much "research" to do), and I don't need
a copy (especially not a certified copy) -- I just want to view the
records to discover the parents' names and figure out if/how the
people are connected to my family.

I haven't lived in Philadelphia for decades and I'm not up to date on
Pennsylvania laws, but aren't these marriages considered public
records? I could understand if they requested a fee of a few dollars,
but $40 seems excessive. I'm also not sure that I've explained
adequately to the staff what I want.

I have found the online index entries, so I don't need guidance about
that. I want to see the actual certificates.

Any experience out there that could help me?

Debbie Terman

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