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Elena Bazes

IGRA (Israel Genealogy Research Association) has posted a new article
on its website,

"A Cautionary Tale or A Genealogist's Nightmare "- by Ingrid Rockberger.

Ingrid tells of a recent experience she had while researching her
family that many of us are familiar with-vital family documents and
photos that had been kept by a family member, disappearing after the
family member dies.

She goes on to give us some tips you can take to make sure that that
information about your family is preserved for future generations and
not lost as so often is the case.

Ingrid Rockberger has been interested in genealogy for almost 20 years
and has done extensive research on various branches of her family.
Ingrid worked as Managing Editor and Publisher of an English-language
magazine in Israel, and later as a ghost-writer for people's memoirs
and family histories, including some publications for Yad Vashem.
Ingrid is a past Board Member of IGRA. She has been Chair of a
genealogy group that has been meeting in Ra'anana for over 15 years,
originally part of JFRA and for the past few years part of IGRA.
Ingrid and her family came to live in Israel in 1981.

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Elena Biegel Bazes
IGRA Publicity Chairperson

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