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Alyssa Freeman

Hi, All -
I'm looking for the parents/ancestors and siblings of Abraham
FRIEMAN, Fanny Frieman (nee ZUSSMAN/YOSSEM), Abraham FFAVELUKIS, and
Baile and Morechai/Mordcha DIKERMAN. Abraham F. may have been born in
Galicia in 1899. Fanny was born in Lithuania around 1890, though I
don't know where. Abraham F. was either born in Tiraspol or Odessa
(both Russian at the time) around 1865. Baile and Mordechai Dikerman
**lived** in Odessa in 1868 when my great-grandmother was born, though I
don't know if they were born there.

Both Abrahams and their wives emigrated to the US - the Friemans
originally went to New Jersey and the Favelukises (changed to Fab
in the US) went to New York. To my knowledge, their parents stayed
behind in Russia or died by the time they left (early 20th century).

I have consulted JewishGen and the various databases there, as well
as My Heritage, Geni, and Ancestry. I know Abraham Frieman had
siblings named Jacob and Sarah. I don't know anything else about
Fanny (except about when she was born and when she died). As far as
Abraham Favelukis, I don't know any definite siblings. Mordechai and
Baile had four daughters that I know of - Shava/Bat-Sheva (Abraham
F.'s wife), Matya, Leah (who became Lipis), and Chaya (who became
Silverstein or Silbert).

As I said, I'm looking for the parents and (other) siblings of both
Abrahams, the parents and siblings of Fanny, and the parents and
siblings of Mordechai and Baile Dikerman. Any help would be

Thank you!

Alyssa Freeman
Henrico, VA 23238

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