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Bette Mas <bette.sscf@...>

Joe Welder wrote: <<... There is a passenger manifest for a ship that
sailed >from Bremen to New York in 1908 that has the name "Dave
LICHTBACH" on the manifest, but with "Dave" crossed out and "Bertha"
written in. The next line of the manifest lists "Selma LICHTBACH".
Bertha and Selma (or Thelma) were in fact the names of David
LICHTBACH's wife and daughter as indicated by other records.>>

Note that Bertha and Selma are on an Alien page as US citizens with
last residence Texarkana Arkansas and other columns blank.

Dave may be on another page of the manifest, although usually it is
noted when another family member is on a different list.

More likely, Dave did not sail on this voyage with his wife and child.
Maybe Dave's name was on Bertha's ticket explaining the name

Dave obviously arrived earlier and became a US citizen so Bertha and
Selma arrived as US citizens whether or not they had ever set foot in
the US before and whether or not Dave accompanied them.

Search for Dave's arrival at least five years earlier, possibly with
his surname misspelled or misindexed.

Good luck!
Bette Stoop Mas

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