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Alyssa Freeman

Hi, All -
If you or someone you know can read Russian/Cyrillic and had
family living in Odessa, these websites may be very helpful. I
stumbled across them while trying to find more information on Odessa
births. I didn't find any more information on Odessa births, but I did
stumble across a website containing a list of small Jewish business
owners in Odessa >from 1893 - 1916. It *also* gives an address for the
business which you can cross check with Google Maps and see if it's
still there. The catch is that it's a PDF document, so using the
"translate to English" feature on the right button of your mouse (if
you have one) won't work. You'll have to either use a translation
website, such as Google Translate, or find someone who can read it for
you (if you can't read it yourself). I happened to find the name of
my great-grandfather and his uncle (or cousin), Googled the address on
Google Maps, and found that it still exists and where it is (he ran a
shipping company, about a mile >from the Port of Odessa).
Something else to keep in mind when using this site: Many of the
names are given with Russian patronymics (-ovich, -ovna). If you've
found Jewish relatives in Russia, you probably know that, in Yiddish
amongst themselves, they didn't use patronyms, so if someone in your
family was Shlomo Avram Feinstein, for example, the name may come up
Shlomo Avramovich (this is especially true when there are two family
members - one maybe listed as Yakov Feinstein, for example, but his
partner may be Shlomo Avramovitch.

The other site that might be useful (again, if you can find
someone to translate for you) is a very large "book" containing names
of Jewish families who died in Odessa >from 1932-33 in various places.
The list was accumulated over many years and soem files can be quite
large. I haven't looked at any of this, yet.

This is the link to the list of Jewish small business owners:
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This is the link to the information about the "book:"
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Hope this helps someone!

Alyssa Freeman
Henrico, VA

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